How to write a product description that sell

What can be more important than a great product picture? Well, its description.

The description should be of quality, as that will have a major influence on whether that product will be bought or looked over.

Maximize your chances by following our guidelines and grab the e-commerce opportunity!

  1. The words you use, the length of it, the fonts, all these details are more important than you might think. The tone you touch in your approach is especially important as that reflects the feel of your store and of your products, so a part of you! Be funny, serious or both, just be true to yourself.
  2. It would be naive to think that a product description is supposed to describe your product. It is supposed to sellit and sell an experience!
  3. Make sure to include all the information that a potential buyer might need to know before buying your product. To you, all that information is clear because you are already familiar with them but try and think with the brain of your ideal customer who doesn’t know anything about your product and might be interested to find out more. Think in terms of potential questions that might arise when looking at the product image and try to answer them one by one in your description. For example, you are manufacturing Christmas tree decorations. You posted a lovely picture of one of them. Viewers might ask who is it for, what is the purpose of it or where could it be used, what is it made of, what are the dimensions, what is the material, the pattern, what are the product features and its functions, what sets this product apart from the similar ones on the market and how does it work exactly etc. so you might want to mention all these details. Remember, you have the power to turn potential customers into customers, so take the opportunity and present your products in an attractive light by answering all these questions before they have the chance to ask.
  4. Appeal to the imagination of your buyers and be so descriptive that they will imagine holding your product in their hands. You might think, oh that is a hard task, but practice makes perfect so get to it. It will be a process but it will be worth it.
  5. Appeal to the people in your customers and incorporate your product description into a story. Don’t forget that they are human and they enjoy a good story, just like you do.
  6. using phrases that are common place like amazing features or excellent quality.These same exact words are used over and over again by most online shop owners. Excellent quality? This is something that your buyers should think to themselves after experiencing your product and not something you state. Makes sense, right?
  7. Use adjectives that are unique and that truly describe just your product instead of a dozen others. Be specific and include the actual features and the actual benefits of your product and this way your customers will get the impression of quality but without having to try too hard and you losing credibility in the process.
  8. As with every writing task, pay attention to the basic writing rules of grammar, punctuation and accuracy. This type of writing should be no different from any other writing.
  9. Be creative and don’t take yourself too seriously. The creativity that goes into manufacturing your products should also be reflected in the way you describe them and talk about them.

All in all, don’t underestimate the importance of product description, it isn’t just practical but it is also your opportunity to address your potential customers and buyers.