How will the orders be shipped to the buyer’s address?

Find out all there is to know about shipping your products to your buyers. First and foremost, you need to be using the Shipping Application in order to be able to ship your lovely products. You can add shipping fees by using our Shipping options app and you can add as many shipping methods as you like. The app is designed to allow you to add shipping options for example your local post service, a courier service and other methods as well.

You need to decide where exactly do you want to ship: worldwide or to selected countries only. First of all you need to name your shipping option. Simply fill in the name field with the desired name (for ex. DHL 1-3 days or United States Postal Service 3-5 days, etc). Select where you wish to ship. You have two options to choose from:
in the whole world – will list all the countries in the checkout page
in the following countries – you can select the desired countries and only these will be listed on the checkout page.

You need to decide what kind of shipping rate do you wish to use: flat shipping rate or weight based shipping rate. Select what kind of shipping rate you offer. You can select from two options. Your first option is to offer a flat shipping rate, which will charge one standard price for all purchases made in your shop with this specific shipping option. Your second option is to offer weight based shipping rate. This option calculates the shipping fees based on the total weight of all products in the order. For this, you need to set up the weight ranges. The first interval will range from 0 and the amount that you set. To cap this range you will need to add a new range. To do this click the “Add weight range” button. You can freely decide which unit you wish to use, g, kg or lbs. Whichever unit you choose, make sure you use them consistently.
For orders that weigh more than the maximum weight range you can:
1. Use flat shipping price for orders over the maximum weight
2. Set price for every additional 1 g/kg/lbs

Make sure that you Save the shipping option. Now you are ready to ship.

Adding free shipping: You can set free shipping for orders over a certain value. To do this check the Do you offer free shipping? option, enter the chosen value and save it.

Free local pickup: Free Local Pickup allows your buyers to pick up their orders themselves from a given address. To add the address, check the Do you offer free local pickup? option, enter the address and save it.

The Shipping fees will be calculated on the checkout page of your Soldigo store.