Payment methods

Under the Settings menu’s Payment Methods tab, you can specify the various payment methods that you will accept. First of all you have to choose the currency which you want to use in your store. Based on the currency you chose, you will get the list of available payment methods. At the moment there are these methods:

  • Cash Payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card


Cash Payments

Allow your customer to pay you with cash. You can choose from two different cash payment methods:

  • Cash on delivery – your customers will pay you upon delivery
  • Bank transfer – your customers will pay you via bank transfer. You will send them your bank account details after the order was made

Switch the Yes-No option to Yes to activate the chosen cash payment method.

Bank Transfer

Allow your customers to pay you via bank transfer. They will receive your bank account details after the order was made.


Connect your PayPal account with your Soldigo store. Switch the Yes-No option to Yes and add your PayPal account’s primary email address. Soldigo uses Payments Standard service so your customers will be redirected to PayPal’s site in order to complete their purchase. You need a valid PayPal Premier or Business account to receive payment. PayPal fees apply.

Credit card

In order to connect your payment gateway with your Soldigo store you need to switch the Credit Card option to Yes and choose your payment gateway. Based on the currency you set, you can choose from a set of pre-integrated payment options. Selected payment gateway fees may apply. More payment gateways will be added in the near future. Please send us the payment gateway you would want us to introduce.