Pinterest – How to market with interesting pins

When it comes to selling online many people tend to overlook Pinterest, but they shouldn’t. Pinterest is a social media where you can upload the pictures of your products and add a short caption that may include either a description of the product or your link to your website or even both.

Pinterest users can directly access your store by clicking on the picture/ link underneath and can purchase it.

Pinterest is a great visual social media platform where you can do the marketing of your products as well as selling online along with rapidly increasing your pool of customers. The essence of Pinterest lies in its ability to appeal to the visual nature of people and that is truly something to consider when aiming at generating online sales. Needles to say, the products’ pictures are key here since that is the main focus of the platform itself as well as of the visitors and potential customers.

Make sure to have a Pinterest account asap and start selling away!

Ways of using Pinterest that will benefit you

  1. after creating a Pinterest account, make sure to upload quality pictures of your products that are both interesting and varied to capture the attention of pinners. For reference on how to take good pictures that do your products justice please see the link here.
  2. there is a Pinterest button already installed on your Shoptsie store so Pinners can pin your products unto Pinterest. This is a great way of fast growth and your products will branch out reaching people from all walks of Pinterest.
  3. Pinterest allows you to categorise your pictures into boards that you can name. Be smart about the naming process and think in specific themes like gifts, holidays, accessories, bags, tools, colors, purposes, etc. This labelling divides the pictures into separate boards allowing pinners to be specific about their search rather than just browsing through everything without aim.
  4. you may also dedicate a special board to your customers who can pin something they might want to see and buy from you, giving you ideas and inspiration and creating a bonding experience that will bring you closer to them.
  5. don’t forget to mention the price of the item in the picture, you can edit the picture beforehand and post it with the price on it already, or you may simply use the description space to write the price and currency and your store contact
  6. don’t be scared to use hashtags as this makes search easier and more modern
  7. make a special contest where you invite your pinners to make a board using your products and promote it and you can reward the lucky winner by sending them one of your products of choice