Get priceless information on your store’s current situation. Track your visitors, the visits per month and the popular products. You can view your top selling products and you can see the number of sales of the latest 6 months on your Soldigo dashboard. The Statistics app gives a detailed view of your store’s evolution.


Visits per month
You can view the number of visitors of your store based on the month and the year of visit.

Sales per year
Gives you a detailed view on how many items you sell on a daily basis.

Popular products
See which is the most viewed product and which is the most purchased product. It helps you make future decisions.

Google Analytics
For more detailed analytics connect your Soldigo store with the popular analytic tool powered by Google. Simply copy your Google analytics tracking id and paste it into the Statistics app’s Google Analytics tab. To find the tracking ID of your Google Analytics account click here.


  • Analyze your store’s growth and get priceless information on your store’s current situation
  • Make fast decisions based on quick statistical views
  • Track traffic and products for optimum results
  • Recognise the trend of your popular products and most viewed products
  • Helps you determine when to use the Contest App, based on the number of monthly visits