Store widget

Add an e-commerce widget to your existing website or blog. The integration is very simple. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video into a website. You can do that by using our Store widget app. First of all you will need to install the app.


Adding your store to your website
To integrate Soldigo into your site or blog just copy and paste the code snippet wherever you want your store to appear. It’s that simple.

Customize the store widget
You can customize the appearance of your widget to look like your website or blog. Use the Colorpicker to choose the colors. You can customize the following elements: text color, link color, button background and text color.

Remove the store widget
To remove the store widget from you existing website or blog just simply delete the embedded code.


  • Embed your store with a simple copy and paste move
  • It’s as easy as embedding a Youtube video
  • Be accessible on multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Make the most of your blog and website
  • Real time update of product inventory