Tumblr – Sell to the youngsters

Tumblr is a very popular social media platform where you can search for, share and reblog pictures, videos, music, comment on the post of others, follow and like (with a heart symbol) the pages that you admire and have a lot of fun with creating visual content.

Tumblr is mainly used by youngsters aged up to 35-ish so make sure you know your crowd: tune in to their vibe and capture their attention by being trendy and cool and promote your products by catering to their needs.

Given the chance, Tumblr can combine the useful with the pleasant. The essence of Tumblr is a lot like that of Instagram, to impress your followers with the greatest pictures possible. This same feature can be used not just to showcase beautiful images that come together into an impressive collage of creativity but to market your products as well.

Steps to get down to business and market your products by blogging on Tumblr:

1. First of all, sign up to Tumblr and choose a theme that feels right to you and that resonates with the feel of your Shoptsie web shop. You can get super creative, play with colors and shades and try more themes to see what works best for you. You can upload your logo and you have an overall great freedom to shape the looks of your blog, feel free to come up with an innovative name that doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as your shop’s name.

2. After you have the catchy name and the best look, start blogging your posts. You have a variety of options: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, video.  Make sure you mix things up and post a variety of these to create diversity so your followers will be drawn to something new and exciting instead of watching videos all the time.

3. Give many words title to your post that includes your product’s name so you can climb higher on the search engine results. This usually happens based on the description/caption of the picture as well as based on the hashtags you use so make time to fill out those small sections every time you post.

4. Be brave and use hashtags. Similarly to Instagram, Tumblr allows users to search through its content and so the screening results in related posts. Be smart about your choice of tags and make sure your products pop up even when least expected. For example you run an art supply shop and you post a picture of a particular oil paint set. The tags you might use could include #oilpaint, #artsupply #brushes #titaniumwhite #lemongreen #cadmiumyellow #squirrelhair #primedlinenpanel etc. These tags attract not only people interested in art and potential customers but your products will be seen and potentially reposted by users who might be interested in make up brushes, nail polish colors, animals or lemons as well, however, never be intentionally misleading with your tags, it’s pointless and adds nothing to the table. With hashtags, again, moderation is key, we recommend 10 tags tops and you’re good to go.

Please keep in mind that social media in all its beauty is a powerful tool that is intended for fun but can and should be used for marketing purposes and once you understand the extent of exposure these platforms bring you should do yourself a favor and get on board.