YotPo Product Review

Increase your sales and your store traffic by collecting ratings and reviews from your customers. Using this application, your customers have the chance to rate and review your products. Those customers who don’t rate and review your products will receive an automatic review request from Yotpo, at the perfect time after their purchase. You will need to create an YotPo account in ordert to use the app.

Connecting to YotPo
In order to connect your Soldigo store with YotPo insert the first code from your YotPo installation screen. For more information click here.


You can change the look & feel of the widget to match your store in your Yotpo Dashboard. There you can moderate the ratings as well.


  • Get tons of reviews
  • Increase traffic and attract new customers
  • Increase loyalty of buyers
  • Build trust and increase your conversions
  • Befriend your customers