Refund policy

Rights to Refunds Soldigo's Shop Owners
A Shop Owner is able to use Soldigo's Services with limited functionality in the manner described to promote your business without incurring charges. This gives you the opportunity to consider whether the Services are appropriate for your business. During the free period Shoptise has no obligation to maintain the Services. When you decide to pay for additional functionality according to the payment plans offered Soldigo agrees with you to maintain the Services for the period you have paid for. Therefore Soldigo does not offer any refund on the individual payments you make should you wish to cancel, cease or otherwise terminate the Agreement with Soldigo. Soldigo may terminate its agreement with you in the event you breach the terms of the Agreement in which case no refunds will be due to you. Should Soldigo be unable to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement then depending on the circumstances Soldigo may offer pro rata refunds to you for the monies you paid in which case your should contact Soldigo direct to discuss the circumstances.

This policy is not a restatement of the relevant aspect of the agreement but rather a summary of pertienent parts thereof.

Rights of Cancellation for Consumers
Should you be acting as a consumer in purchashing from one of Soldigo's Shop Owners, that is when you are not acting in the course of your business, you may have a statutory right to cancel your order depending on the nature of the product you have purchased.

If you wish to exercise your statutory rights to cancel the purchase of your products then you may do so through the website direct with the Shop Owner. You should not contact Soldigo as we are not involved in your purchase.

If you wish to return any products outside of your statutory rights to cancel then you may do so only direct with the Shop Owner upon their terms (if any).Cancellation can only be made in accordance with your legal rights under the CONSUMER CONTRACTS (INFORMATION, CANCELLATION AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES) REGULATIONS 2013 and other applicable legislation. The usual cancellation period is 14 days from receiving you goods or ordering your sunscription however as this is dependent on the nature of the goods you are purchasing you will need to check this with your Shop Owner.

Return of goods should be made to the Shop Owner from whom you purchased the goods/services, not to Soldigo.