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Moo Chick is very personal to me so I look for the same dedication when choosing business partners. From day 1 the owner and staff at Soldigo has given me personal attention and excellent service. They attend to queries in record time so my shop is never down.

Corenne Tavares

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Soldigo is a online shop that makes life easier for a new/young entrepreneur. I had a query about something I was struggling with which was easily resolved by the technical support guys.

Inge de Klerk

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I feel like the developers of Soldigo have found the right spot on the huge platform of online selling and they give us the chance to increase our sales and help us become bigger.

Balogh Kinga

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We have chosen Soldigo because it seemed like the easiest, most convenient option for having our own website and online store, very easy to work with and quality technical support.

Gurau Corina

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Soldigo has been a life saver. I decided to do a test Soldigo shop to see what it had to offer and the customer service was so prompt, within hours I had it up and running. I am so thankful to have a fully functioning shopping cart, that's embedded into my personalized code.In no way have they ever taken over my vibes, but instead worked into my flow.

Gabriella Morton

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