Sell via live video

Sell through live videos where your products can be purchased in real time.

Live selling solution

The solution allows you to go live directly from the dashboard, without complex technical requirements, using the video camera and the microphone built into the device used. Choose the products you want to sell and post the link of the live event on social media.


Built-in shopping cart

Your customers can add the presented products in the built-in shopping cart without leaving the live event and the order will be completed in your Soldigo store with all settings included such as shipping and payment methods.


Bring your audience closer

With live video you can create interpersonal and interactive relationships with your customers and you can increase your customer base every time you go live. Your customers can ask questions in the built-in chat.


Why choose live video sales?

It's fun

Start a live sales session and involve your customers in presenting the product. You can increase your sales significantly.

Gain confidence

Answer questions and your customers will enjoy the satisfying shopping experiences. Live sales turn viewers into loyal customers.

Increase sales

Once you have convinced the audience, they are just a click away from buying your products.